Solbit Takes Her First Train in Japan

Dear Nicalai,

Today, Solbit took a train with us. Her first train ride.   The train took us from Tokyo to Kyoto.  We told Solbit that we’ll be in Kyoto for more than a week.

Solbit said that she’ll miss Tokyo and that she didn’t know if she would like Kyoto.  She had gotten used to how big Tokyo is. Nicalai, did you know that Tokyo is the capital city of Japan today?  Tokyo is big, too. Guess how many people live here.  Give up?  OK. Almost 13 million!  Compare that to where you live, Nicalai, about 1 million. So Tokyo is 13 times bigger than where you live.

We told Solbit that she would probably like Kyoto, because it is smaller than Tokyo. Also, Kyoto is an old and historic Japanese city.


Tokyo is a big capital city.

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