Solbit Asks, “Can We Go Back to Tokyo, Please?”

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Dear Nicalai,

Nona and Papa said I could write my own letter to you today.  They think I’m learning how to write, but my spelling is not too good. They said they would “edit” my letter.  “Edit” means that they read what I write.  They try to find my mistakes.  Then, when they find a mistake, they fix it, but I have to read it again to make sure they didn’t make me say something I didn’t want to say. It’s a lot of work, but I don’t mind, because I’m excited to tell you about my trip with Nona & Papa.  Here goes!

Well, first, I’ll give you the bad news.  You know we’ve been in Kyoto, and I got lost.  Well, that’s not the bad news.  We had been in Tokyo, where I had a good time, and now we’re in Kyoto, and it’s different.  The bad news is that I miss Tokyo. I want to go back there.

Why? Look at this.  Here’s me in Kōrakuen Garden in Tokyo:

Image 1 Solbit Rocks Garden

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Solbit Takes Her First Train in Japan

Dear Nicalai,

Today, Solbit took a train with us. Her first train ride.   The train took us from Tokyo to Kyoto.  We told Solbit that we’ll be in Kyoto for more than a week.

Solbit said that she’ll miss Tokyo and that she didn’t know if she would like Kyoto.  She had gotten used to how big Tokyo is. Nicalai, did you know that Tokyo is the capital city of Japan today?  Tokyo is big, too. Guess how many people live here.  Give up?  OK. Almost 13 million!  Compare that to where you live, Nicalai, about 1 million. So Tokyo is 13 times bigger than where you live.

We told Solbit that she would probably like Kyoto, because it is smaller than Tokyo. Also, Kyoto is an old and historic Japanese city.


Tokyo is a big capital city.

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Solbit Asks, “What’s Take Out?”

Dear Nicalai,

You like sushi, don’t you? Remember when we were in Steamboat Springs and Uncle Josh and Aunt Tanya made sushi for supper, and you couldn’t get enough of it?  Well, sushi is Japanese food.  So, while we’re in Japan, we thought we should have some sushi. Don’t you agree?


Uncle Josh & Aunt Tanya’s sushi plate

You would like our neighborhood sushi place. Nona and I went there to get supper last night. Everyone there — all local people — welcomed us.  We just wanted take out sushi, because we were so tired. Continue Reading

Solbit Takes a Shower Where?!

Dear Nicalai,

Solbit has heard us taking showers, and she asked us from her purse pocket, “Hey, what in the world are you guys doing out there?”

Nona, explained that we take showers because we sweat.  The sweat provides a place for bacteria to grow.  After a while, the build up of bacteria causes us to smell bad. So, we clean off the bacteria with soap and water.  Then we smell better, and we feel refreshed.

“Why can’t I take a shower, too?” Solbit asked.  Nona explained that Solbit doesn’t need to shower because she’s made of plastic, and she doesn’t sweat and is rarely out of the pre pocket so doesn’t get dirty.

Solbit looked sad.  She said, “I don’t care if I don’t sweat; I still want to take a shower like you do.”  Papa said that the shower was too big for Solbit; it would knock her down and maybe break something.  Then, Nona’s eyes lit up.  She said, “OK, Solbit. I know just the place for you to take a shower here!”  Excited, now, Solbit asked, “Where?”  Nona exclaimed, “On the toilet!  Let’s go!”

Solbit backpeddled, “Not so fast, Nona.  I’m not letting you put ME in the toilet.  I may only be a Plastic Jurassic, but I know what goes into those toilets.”  Nona laughed, “Not IN the toilet, Solbit. ON TOP of the toilet. Come on, I’ll show you.”  She did show me, and now I’ll show you.  Look at this cool picture:


Look where we are!  A Japanese-style western toilet!  Can you find Solbit?  She’s waiting for us to flush the toilet. Can you guess what happens then? Here goes .


… when we flush the toilet, Solbit gets her shower on top of the water tank!  Now you can see her very clearly.

So, even though she doesn’t sweat, Solbit takes showers just for fun.  Where does Solbit take her showers? The answer is on top of the toilet.  Please remember that you should not try this at home.  OK?

Nona & Papa

September 2013

Solbit Asks, “Vending Machine Food? Really, People?”

Dear Nicalai,

You asked us, “What’s going on in Japan?”

Here’s what’s going on for us in Tokyo, Japan:  the rain came this morning; then the heat; now it’s humid; we need air conditioning! Solbit has not complained though.  We’re guessing that dinosaurs — even Plastic Jurassics — like heat and humidity.

Despite the warm weather, we do get hungry.  So, Japanese food is what’s going on for us in Japan.  Solbit saw us eating last night. When she saw us eating, she said, “Hey, what are you doing? You mean you put stuff in your mouth, and it disappears? Oh, that’s magic!”  Being a Plastic Jurassic, Solbit doesn’t eat, so she didn’t know about eating.

We explained that she can’t enjoy eating as we do, and she was disappointed.  Then, to cheer her up, we suggested that she might enjoy looking at Japanese food and watching us eat.  She said, “Good, let’s get started! Can we go look at food now?” Continue Reading

Solbit, Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Dear Nicalai (short for Nick, Camden, Luke, and Ainsley),

Walking through the East Garden of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Nona asked, “Where’s Solbit? I want to take a picture of her in this beautiful garden.”


Papa, checked his pockets. “I can’t find her,” he replied. Solbit was gone!  “Oh, no,” Nona said, “We’ve only been in Japan a few days, Papa, did you lose Solbit already? ”  Papa tried to defend himself, although he thought maybe he had lost her, “Me? I didn’t lose her.  She’s just gone.”  Nona said, “I told you to keep your pocket zipped up or you would lose her.” Nona was already thinking: how could we replace Solbit now?

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Solbit Visits Ancient Imperial Palace

Dear Ainsley, Luke, Camden, and Nick,

We’re in Japan!  Solbit Orangie Lulu Breakit had a great day yesterday. She went on a 4 hour walk with us in Tokyo. In this picture she’s looking at the front lawn of the ancient Imperial Palace, only its stone foundation remains. Can you find Solbit in the picture?


She said, “I wish Ainsley, Luke, Camden, and Nick could see this!”  Then she asked me to help her climb up on the roof of a big gate or tori. Continue Reading