Solbit Has Tea with An Artist

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Dear Nicalai,

Well, Reina and I hit it off.  She invited me to tea at her home.  Remember I told you that Nona and Papa’s friends Jamie, Wuna, and their daughter Reina took us to the Art Gallery of New South Wales (“Solbit Sees Thunder Spirits”)? Here we are in Reina’s room:

DSC04654 S & R

I knew that Reina enjoyed art, but I didn’t know that she is an artist too.  Yeah, she does all different kinds of art.  Here’s a section of one of her cartoons. (I hope she doesn’t mind my using it here.)


For someone 11 years old, I’d say that’s good!  Papa said, “Solbit, I’m 69 years old and that cartoon would be good for me, but I can’t draw like that now.  It’s a gift!”  I saw a framed award on Reina’s wall for a self-portrait that she painted called “A Bad Day.”  How bad could it have been if she got an award for painting it?

Of course, Nona and Papa had to bring me over to Reina’s home, so Jamie, Wuna, and Reina’s grandmom, Nini, made supper for us, a mostly Chinese meal.  Look at these dishes!

DSC04659 food

We had cabbage, pumpkin, egg and tomato, grilled fish, tofu and mushrooms, a traditional herbed pork in vegetable sauce, and a sweet sticky rice with plums and apricot.  Sooo Good!  I could see that Nona and Papa couldn’t stop eating.  I tried to signal them to slow down, but they just kept shoveling it in.  Embarrassing!

After supper, Reina invited me to her room for tea.  This is her tea set.


You just sit, chat, and sip little cups of tea.  Every once in a while, more hot water is added to the tea pot, so you can sip more tea.  Nona came in and, as she always does, took a photo of us.

IMG_0778 R,S,B

Then Papa took a photo of Nona taking a photo of us.  Fortunately, Jamie, Wuna, and Nini didn’t get out their cameras, or we would have been there all night posing for them.  Oh well, I shouldn’t complain about Nona taking photos, because I like using pictures in my blog.  I think pictures help me to tell the story, don’t you?

I’m your friend.



May 2015

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Solbit Asks, “What’s Take Out?”

Dear Nicalai,

You like sushi, don’t you? Remember when we were in Steamboat Springs and Uncle Josh and Aunt Tanya made sushi for supper, and you couldn’t get enough of it?  Well, sushi is Japanese food.  So, while we’re in Japan, we thought we should have some sushi. Don’t you agree?


Uncle Josh & Aunt Tanya’s sushi plate

You would like our neighborhood sushi place. Nona and I went there to get supper last night. Everyone there — all local people — welcomed us.  We just wanted take out sushi, because we were so tired. Continue Reading