Solbit meets Leo in Guilin

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Dear Nicalai,

“Where are we?” Solbit demanded.  “Let me out of here!”  She wanted out of Nona’s purse.  Nona took her out and showed her where we are now.  “This is different.  This isn’t Shanghai.”

DSC06983 GuilinLake

Nona said, “No, we aren’t in Shanghai any longer, Solbit.  We’re in Guilin, now.” Solbit asked, “Oh, yeah, I was just starting to get used to being in China and now you’ve moved us to another country?”  Nona said, “No, Solbit, we’re still in China. We just moved to another part of China called Guilin.  Guilin has lakes and very old worn down mountains.  A lot of us tourists come here to see the lakes, the old city, the knobby mountains, and the terraced rice paddies.” Continue Reading