Solbit’s Surprise:  An Actor in the House

Dear Nicalai,

Holy mackerel, here I am in New Jersey — not Hollywood — and I’m the guest of a film actor, and I didn’t even know it!  Yeah, you might recognize him if you’ve seen the films “The Last Airbender,” “How Do You Know,” “Limitless,” “Safe,” “The Silver Linings Playbook,” “Dead Man Down,” and “Paranoia.”  Not just films either.  He’s been on TV! ” Do No Harm ” and ” Allegiance.”  Here’s my photo of him.


Who knew he’s an actor. Yeah, Cousin Tom is an actor.

He’s so not Hollywood, though. He’s really very humble and friendly.

For example, he keeps saying, “Solbit, don’t get so excited about my being an actor in films.”  Then I say, “But Tom that’s a big deal; you’ve entertained millions my now!”  Then he says, “Solbit, I don’t think you understand that I’m just what they call ‘an extra.’ I don’t really act; I just fill up empty space around the real actors.”  Then I say, “Tom, that’s my point exactly, if it weren’t for you those so-called film stars would be surrounded by nothing.  Don’t you see, you give substance to those films. That’s so important.”

Speaking of empty spaces, not all empty spaces are without substance.  Cousin Tom and Susie have this lovely empty space outside their kitchen window, and I bet this is where Tom sits to prepare himself for his film roles.

Broad pond offers a wonderful place to ponder things or to prepare for your next film role.

Broad Pond offers a wonderful place to ponder things or to prepare for your next film role.

Then he tried to downplay his role some more.  He said, “Solbit, the truth is that the only reason I’m an extra — an actor — in films is the food.  They have a great spread of catered food for us extras.  I’m just in it for the food.”  Cousin Tom does like food, but, still, I know he’s an actor because I saw him show Nona and Papa his SAG card.  SAG stands for Screen Actors Guild; it’s a union for, what else, actors.  He’s an actor alright.

Cousin Tom can’t fool me.  When he puts on that act that he’s not an actor, I know he’s just acting humble.  I wonder what his next movie will be?


I’m blowing his cover. Yeah, he gets all “incognito” and wears a hat from New Zealand, so no one recognizes him on the street.

Hey, we’re leaving New Jersey to come out to California to be with you guys for the December holidays.  See you soon!

I’m your friend.



December 2014

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