Solbit’s On the Program of Nelson Opera in the Park!

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Dear Nicalai,

Hey, look at me.  I’m on the program at the Nelson (NZ) Opera in the Park.  How cool is that!

Opera in the Park - Nelson

Solbit on the Program of Nelson Opera in the Park

Well, I’m not IN the program the way you were thinking, but I am ON the program, aren’t I?  Papa and Nona have emphasized again and again, that I have to tell the truth all the time.  So, I told you the truth, and, yet, I misled (fooled) you, didn’t I?

Nona says this was ok to make a joke, but she sternly told me that I am not supposed to mislead anyone for other purposes, like taking advantage of someone.  I know what she means, don’t you?

We went to the Nelson Opera in the Park last night.  Nona and Papa had tickets.  The opera people said I could get in free, because I’d be the first ever dinosaur to come to their performance.  Isn’t that nice of them? Continue Reading