Solbit Explores a Hidden Garden

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Dear Nicalai,

We’re still in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Nona and Papa scared the pants off me today.  Here’s how it happened:

“You going in there?” I asked Nona and then said, “I don’t think so!”

DSC09189 door

The big, dark door to the Hidden Garden frightened Solbit.

Nona asked me,”Why not, Solbit? It’s the hidden garden that we found last night and couldn’t get in, but, now, this morning, we’ve found an open door.  Don’t you want to see what’s in there?”

“No, way. It’s scary looking.  Dragons might be in there,” I protested.

Papa jumped in to the conversation, saying, “We haven’t got all day.  Solbit, even if ‘there be dragons’ in the garden, you’ll be ok.”

I interrupted him, “Yeah, like you’re going to stand between me and a sharp toothed dragon. Ha! I’m not counting on it.” Continue Reading

Solbit’s Fun Day at Wat Muen San

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Dear Nicalai,

How are you guys today?  Having fun I hope.  This morning, Nona and Papa changed their schedule, and, as a result, I had fun.

Here in Chiang Mai, Thailand the mornings and the evenings are warm, but the mid-day is hot and humid.  So, during the day, Nona and Papa like to stay inside with the air conditioning on, or they sit in the shade by the pool reading.

DSC08547 pool

Being a dinosaur, I don’t mind the hot and humid weather.  Actually, I like it hot and humid.  So, I wish we would go out during the day.  No, they stay in, and that means I’m zipped up in Nona’s purse pocket.

IMG_7817 zpocket

Today was different.  Papa and Nona came back from breakfast.  I could hear them talking.  “Since the weather is cooler today, maybe we ought to go for a walk this morning.  What do you think?” Nona said. “I’m ready to go,” Papa replied.  Then, I heard Nona say, “Did you put on your sunscreen?”  No answer from Papa, but I heard him getting something out of his backpack.  I bet it was his sunscreen.

I’m a dinosaur, and I don’t need sunscreen, so I was ready to go right away. Nona and Papa walked quite a distance, and I fell asleep on the way. Do you ever fall asleep when you’re on the way to something with your parents?

I woke up with a start.  Someone was pulling me out of Nona’s purse pocket. Then, I realized we must have arrived some place that they wanted me to see.  “Hey, where are we?” I asked.  Papa said, “Solbit, this is really cool. We’re at Wat Muen San!” Continue Reading