Solbit wonders, “California Dreamin’ or what?”

Dear Nicalai,

Was I dreaming or did I actually see Papa in a tunnel of books? Look at Papa. Doesn’t this look like a tunnel?


Papa under an arched stack of books at The Last Bookstore in LA.

From all I had heard, I thought that LA (that’s short for Los Angeles, California you know!) was just full of studios for making movies. Well, maybe the people here make movies, but they must read a lot of books to do that.  Look at this bookstore!

They have another floor full of books too. I wonder why they call it “The Last Bookstore” ?  I’ve seen several more bookstores since we left LA.  Maybe they just mean it’s the furtherest west? I don’t know.


You know Papa says traveling and reading books liberates us.  We’ve been traveling and reading a lot, so we must be very liberated, huh?  Oh, we didn’t just go to bookstores in LA. We know that Ainsley really likes mummies, so I just have to show you this from the Art Walk that we took downtown.


Have you ever seen such a big mummy?  Actually, this isn’t a real mummy.  You could probably see that.  It’s art.  Nona says art liberates us.  You guessed it.  We see a lot of art.  What’s with all this “liberate” stuff?  Do you think they’re obsessed with it? Maybe they’ve been here so long that they’re going all “California” on me? Is that going to be a problem?  Should I be worried? Please let me know what you think.  Thanks.

I’m your friend.










March 2015

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