Solbit’s Around the World Trip in Four Photos

Dear Nicalai,

I’m just not fair to myself.  I’ve given myself only four (that’s 1, 2, 3, 4) photos to give you a look back at our 14-month around the world trip.  It’s just not fair.  I need to give myself at least one photo a month (that’s 14 photos), but you’d go off to play soccer or read a book before you got to my number 5. So, four photos it is.

Remember this one from our time in New Zealand?  Here’s my scariest moment …


If I weren’t plastic, I would have wet my pants when I ran into this Maori Warrior. [Photo from: Kiwi Vista Scenic Collection;]

Fortunately, his scary face was only a pose, and he turned out to be a wonderful man with a jolly sense of humor.  Papa says, “Solbit, there’s a lesson in that, if you take time to think about it.”  Maybe, but I’m too busy right now and don’t have the time to think about it.

Oh, here’s a really good one.  Remember my special shower at our Tokyo AirBnB?


Girl, this toilet had every gizmo. Look at that control panel!

That shower was THE perfect size for me, right there on the toilet top!  We’ve never seen one like that since Tokyo.

Now, think about the color orange.  That’s me and the Buddhist monk in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Remember that, when Nick and Luke and our aunts and uncles came to visit us in December?

DSC00336 SinRuins

Don’t you think that our color, orange, invites a calm and yet strong presence?

Oh, no, I’m down to my last photo, and I’ve only just gotten started!  I just have to close my eyes and pick one photo.  OK, here it is …

DSC06216 - Version 2

As co-pilot, I knew absolutely nothing about airplanes or flying — other than that both scared me. Fortunately, our pilot knew exactly what he was doing.

Remember when I didn’t want to get into that little airplane in Zanzibar? I said it looked like a toy and refused to get in it.  Then I overcame my fear and had the thrill of a lifetime helping to fly the plane all the way to Arusha.  Uncle Ian is a pilot, so he knows what I mean.

Well, that’s my four photos for our 14 month around the world trip.  If you ever want to see more, just ask me, because I have thousands of photos.  (Nona helps me to keep them in our iPhoto library.  She’s really organized.  Papa, not so much.)

Nona and Papa told me that our traveling days are not over.  They say that we’ll spend 8 months traveling in South America in 2016.  I’ve never been to South America, so I have something to look forward to, and I’ll write to you about that trip too.  For now, I’ll just tell you about our upcoming travels in the US and Canada.  Yeah, we’re already off on another trip.  Gotta go.  Bye!

I’m your friend.



November 2014

*New reader? Get oriented below.

  • You may be asking yourself, “Who is Solbit?” Solbit is a fictional character, but she is a real plastic dinosaur, sent to us unsolicited in a package we ordered from Photojojo. So, she’s a plastic jurassic. Solbit is short for the four names given her by our grandchildren: Sparkle, Orangie, Lulu, Breakit. We tend to use her given names for when she’s been naughty. Thank you for visiting Tales of a Plastic Jurassic. Solbit likes company and hopes you’ll come back.
  • You can learn more about Solbit at her About page and in the earlier posts, “Solbit: How I Got My Name” and “Solbit: How I Got to Travel.”

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