Solbit Says, “Barcelona Turns Out In Big Numbers”

Dear Nicalai,

Let me tell you, the people of Barcelona love to get together on the streets and have fun.  Tens of thousands of them at a time.  No kidding.  Here’s what I’m talking about.


Mostly women—of all ages — were walking and jogging for health.

Sunday morning, we went for a walk up to Güell Park (I’ll tell you about that later), and, before we left our apartment, we heard people chanting.  When we got to the street, we saw thousands of women in pink for blocks and blocks.  They were running in support of healthy lifestyles.

Then, on our way home in the afternoon, we saw many families in yellow and red striped shirts.  They all seemed to be headed for the same place.

DSC01199 flags for sale

Many people in Barcelona demonstrated in support of having a November 9th vote on the political future of Catalonia in a move for independence.

They hang the Catalonia flag from their apartments, too.

They hang the Catalonia flag from their apartments, too.

When we got home Sunday night, we figured the marches were over.  Wrong.  When we got up Tuesday morning, we heard chanting again.  I asked, “Nona, do you think the women in pink are jogging again today?”  She said, “No, Solbit, but I hear it too, and also hovering helicopters.”  Papa said, “Those probably are police helicopters.”  So, I said, “Hey, let’s go see!”  We did.

Barcelona students went on strike to protest tax cuts from public education.

Barcelona students went on strike to protest tax cuts from public education.

We walked with the student marches to ask them if we could take photos and also to learn why they were marching.  One student told us they wanted their government to continue full funding for public education.

So, you see, we’ve been in Barcelona only a few days, and, already, we’ve seen tens of thousands of people walking together in the streets.  They sing, chant, walk, jog, and, even, sometimes dance.  What an interesting place is Barcelona.

I think I hear chanting again. Gotta go see what it is.  Bye.

I’m your friend.



October 2014

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