Solbit Asks, “Is This a Real Airplane?”

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Dear Nicalai,

“Don’t forget to take your motion sickness pills!” Nona reminded Papa.  We were checking out of Casa del Mar – one of my favorite places on this trip.

I asked Papa, “You never take motion sickness pills for airplane rides, and we’ve had a lot of airplane rides. Why now?”  Papa explained that we’re going to fly from Zanzibar to Arusha on a small plane, and he sometimes gets sick on small planes.  “You mean you throw up?” I asked.  He said, “Yes, Solbit, but it isn’t polite to say ‘throw up.’ Let’s just say that the motion makes me sick.  OK?”

“Yes, OK. Hey, maybe I should take a motion sick pill, too, so I don’t throw up? I mean so I don’t get sick.” I suggested.  Papa replied, “Solbit, the pill is bigger than your head, and I don’t think you could get it down, and, besides, you’re plastic, so you won’t get sick.”  That disappointed me a bit, but not as much as this.

When we walked out to our “airplane” at the airport, I asked, “Where’s our plane, Nona, and she said this is it.” I said, “Is this a real airplane? It doesn’t look like anything that we’ve flown in before.”


Small, huh? I protested, “It’s a toy! I’m not getting on that thing.  It’s too small.”  Papa said, “Solbit, that’s why you should get on. It’s just the right size for you, and you get to sit with the pilot and watch all the controls, too.”

DSC06216 - Version 2

That’s when my enthusiasm overcame my fear.  Put me in that copilot seat, and I’m ready to take off! “Let’s go, Papa!”  We hopped on board, and that’s when I heard Nona say a new word, “Well, what a coincidence!”

“Coincidence” is a big word. right?  Have you ever heard it before?  Well, Papa and Nona had one on this teeny weeny airplane.


As you can see, I shared the copilot’s seat with a woman. Her name is Amy. She and her family were also passengers on our flight from Zanzibar to Arusha.  Guess what. They live in Philadelphia, very near where Nona, Papa, and their kids used to live. It gets more weird.  Amy and Papa worked at the same organization many years ago. That’s not weird enough, though.  Her daughters are going to the school where Nona and Papa’s kids went.  That we would “bump” into them at the Zanzibar airport is a coincidence.

Before we took off, the pilot gave us a safety talk.  Basically, he said, “Put on your seat belts and don’t worry about anything.”  I raised my hand to ask him a question.  He looked at me, and said, “Yes, what’s your question?”  I said, “If we don’t need to worry about anything on this teeny weeny plane, what’s that for?”  I pointed to this.


He gave me a frown.  Then he smiled and said, “That’s just in case any Plastic Jurassics get motion sick.  I hope you took your pills.”  Everyone giggled, except me.  What!

Well, get this.  He gets in his seat.  The plane is so small that the pilot actually gave a left hand turn signal out his window!  No way!


That’s when my fear — I mean good judgement— overcame my enthusiasm. I put my foot down, “Get me out of here!”  Nobody heard me.  The roar of the engines drown out my screams. We were in the air.

As we flew away from Zanzibar, Amy and I looked out the window.  Nona took this photo for me to remember the view.


Pretty, huh?  I told Nona that I didn’t want to leave Zanzibar.  She said, “I know, Solbit, but we’re going to have a walking safari on the Maasai Steppe, and you’ll like that too.”  So, we didn’t go back.  I have no idea what she was talking about though.  Maasai?  Steppe?  Safari?  What’s all that?  I guess I’ll find out, soon.

I’m your friend.



June 2014

  • You may be asking yourself, “Who is Solbit?” Solbit is a fictional character, but she is a real plastic dinosaur, sent to us unsolicited in a package we ordered from Photojojo. So, she’s a plastic jurassic. Solbit is short for the four names given her by our grandchildren: Sparkle, Orangie, Lulu, Breakit. We tend to use her given names for when she’s been naughty. Thank you for visiting Tales of a Plastic Jurassic. Solbit likes company and hopes you’ll come back.
  • You can learn more about Solbit at her About page and in the earlier posts, “Solbit: How I Got My Name” and “Solbit: How I Got to Travel.”

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