Solbit, You Can’t Take It With You.

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Dear Nicalai,

10,350.  That’s my number. I found that number, and I’m keeping it. You know that saying, “Finders Keepers. Losers Weepers?”  Well, I’m the finder.  It’s mine! Look at me when I found it.


The marker says the distance to Madagascar from Port Douglas is 10,350 kilometers.  Well, we’re not going to Madagascar, but we’re going in that direction to a place near there, Tanzania, and Nona said the distance might be about the same.

She said something else too, and that got me asking questions.  Nona said, “Solbit, no, you can’t take that number with you.”  I asked, “Why not? I found it didn’t I?”  Papa jumped in, “Leave it right there on the brass compass. You can memorize it and take your memory of it with you.”

So, I’ve been going everywhere saying, “Ten thousand, three hundred, fifty.  Ten thousand, three hundred, fifty.  Ten thousand, three hundred, fifty…”  Finally, Papa couldn’t take it any more. He said, “Oh, for Pete’s sake, Solbit, knock it off!”

I said, “But, Papa, I tried to knock it off, but Nona said I wasn’t allowed to do that. AND, you said memorize the number and take it with me.”  He looked sternly at Nona.

Papa changed the subject, “Hey, look at that cool slide.  I bet Solbit would enjoy playing on that.”  I said, “Papa, I thought you and Nona said that you don’t make bets. No gambling, right?”  Papa said, “It’s just a figure of speech, Solbit.”  Then I asked, “So, what’s a figure of speech?”  He gave Nona that look again, and she said, “Solbit, let’s get you on that slide.  OK?”  Isn’t this a cool looking slide?

DSC05420 - Version 3

My questions aren’t getting answered, but I’m not complaining, because I am having fun.  A girl can find plenty of places to play here in Port Douglas.  Wait until you see where this slide dumps me.


Plop! Right into this beautiful park by the sea.  Papa said, “Look, Solbit, a lot of people come here to walk and to have picnics.”  I replied, “Papa, isn’t picnic a funny word for eating food?  Where does that word come from? …”  He interrupted me, “Solbit, you have a lot of questions.  I’m glad you are curious, but, please, no more questions. Could we please dispense with the questions and just enjoy our walk in this park?”  I said, “Hey, Papa, I think you just said no more questions and then you asked a question!  Also, what’s that word, dispense, mean?”

Nona gave me a big smile, and she said, “Solbit, I think you are amazing. Come over here and see what I just found.”  I went over there and saw this.


Nona, set me up on this post and said, “It’s a Solbit-sized maze.  You’re supposed to walk the pathway of the maze and open your mind and your heart to a leading.  Go ahead walk the maze, Solbit.”  I said, “OK, Nona, but what’s a maze? Are they related to what you just called me, amazing? How will I know whether it comes into my head or my heart?

Papa said, “Solbit, walk the maze.”  He sort of sounded like a pirate saying, “Walk the plank! Know what I mean?”  I wonder if maybe I overloaded him with questions?  Do you think I asked too many questions?

I’m your friend.



June 2014

*You may be asking yourself, “Who is Solbit?” Solbit is a fictional character, but she is a real plastic dinosaur, sent to us unsolicited in a package we ordered from Photojojo. So, she’s a plastic jurassic. Solbit is short for the four names given her by our grandchildren: Sparkle, Orangie, Lulu, Breakit. We tend to use her given names for when she’s been naughty. Thank you for visiting Tales of a Plastic Jurassic. Solbit likes company and hopes you’ll come back.

*You can learn more about Solbit at her About page and in the earlier posts, “Solbit: How I Got My Name” and “Solbit: How I Got to Travel.”

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