Solbit: The Inevitable Happens

Dear Nicalai,

After saying goodbye to the fierce Samurai, we arrived at the Japanese restaurant. A nice young man seated us at a table looking out on a tranquil Japanese garden. He brought cold tea. Perfect for a hot day. Very good tea. Papa drank Nona’s and his own tea.

The young man dressed in a white chef’s oufit brought two place settings for us. The place settings were so lovely that Papa wanted to take a photo of Solbit standing in the middle of one. He reached to unzip his pocket. The pocket was already unzipped. That worried Papa.  Then, he reached into the pocket to find Sparkle Orangie Lulu Breakit. She wasn’t there! Papa checked all his pockets. No Solbit. Papa had a sinking feeling in his stomach. Solbit was lost! Already!  Nona said, “Well, the inevitable has happened; we knew we’d loose Solbit sometime on this trip around the world. Don’t worry about it now.  Enjoy your meal.  Maybe we’ll find her later.”

Papa had to take the picture of the beautiful place setting without Solbit. Here’s the photo of the place setting without Solbit:


Papa wanted Solbit in the picture, but she’s missing.

Although Solbit is missing, we are determined to find her, once we finish enjoying our delicious Japanese meal — not that food is more important to us than Solbit, of course, but we wouldn’t want to waste food.


Nona & Papa

September 2013

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