Solbit Asks, “What’s Take Out?”

Dear Nicalai,

You like sushi, don’t you? Remember when we were in Steamboat Springs and Uncle Josh and Aunt Tanya made sushi for supper, and you couldn’t get enough of it?  Well, sushi is Japanese food.  So, while we’re in Japan, we thought we should have some sushi. Don’t you agree?


Uncle Josh & Aunt Tanya’s sushi plate

You would like our neighborhood sushi place. Nona and I went there to get supper last night. Everyone there — all local people — welcomed us.  We just wanted take out sushi, because we were so tired.

We confused Solbit.  She thought Take Out was something we eat.  We tried not to laugh, but she saw us and said, “Don’t laugh at me. It’s not my fault if I don’t know about Take Out yet.  I only got out of the Photojojo mailer a few days ago.”

Img_2 Solbit

Solbit, the Plastic Jurassic from Photojojo

We apologized to Solbit and said, “You’re right.  We’ll explain Take Out to you.”  Then we told her that Take Out is ordering food “to go” at a restaurant and then taking it out, so you can eat it at home.

So, at our neighborhood sushi place, we asked the sushi chef, “May we have these sushi boxes to take out, please?” He replied, “OK, but please sit at this table while you wait for your take out food.”  We said, “Thank you” and sat down.

The customers in this little place each nodded hello to us.  Then, to our surprise, a waitress brought us two cups of tea. Free! Papa drinks tea, but Nona doesn’t, so Papa drank both cups! He said, “This tea is much better than what I’ve been served in the U.S.; it is really different.” By the time Papa finished his two cups of tea, our take out sushi was ready to go.  We took it home and ate it.  It tasted really good, too. Here’s what it looked like:


Our other news is that we just arrived in Kyoto by train, but we’ll tell you about our train ride next time.


Nona & Papa

September 2013

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