Solbit Takes a Shower Where?!

Dear Nicalai,

Solbit has heard us taking showers, and she asked us from her purse pocket, “Hey, what in the world are you guys doing out there?”

Nona, explained that we take showers because we sweat.  The sweat provides a place for bacteria to grow.  After a while, the build up of bacteria causes us to smell bad. So, we clean off the bacteria with soap and water.  Then we smell better, and we feel refreshed.

“Why can’t I take a shower, too?” Solbit asked.  Nona explained that Solbit doesn’t need to shower because she’s made of plastic, and she doesn’t sweat and is rarely out of the pre pocket so doesn’t get dirty.

Solbit looked sad.  She said, “I don’t care if I don’t sweat; I still want to take a shower like you do.”  Papa said that the shower was too big for Solbit; it would knock her down and maybe break something.  Then, Nona’s eyes lit up.  She said, “OK, Solbit. I know just the place for you to take a shower here!”  Excited, now, Solbit asked, “Where?”  Nona exclaimed, “On the toilet!  Let’s go!”

Solbit backpeddled, “Not so fast, Nona.  I’m not letting you put ME in the toilet.  I may only be a Plastic Jurassic, but I know what goes into those toilets.”  Nona laughed, “Not IN the toilet, Solbit. ON TOP of the toilet. Come on, I’ll show you.”  She did show me, and now I’ll show you.  Look at this cool picture:


Look where we are!  A Japanese-style western toilet!  Can you find Solbit?  She’s waiting for us to flush the toilet. Can you guess what happens then? Here goes .


… when we flush the toilet, Solbit gets her shower on top of the water tank!  Now you can see her very clearly.

So, even though she doesn’t sweat, Solbit takes showers just for fun.  Where does Solbit take her showers? The answer is on top of the toilet.  Please remember that you should not try this at home.  OK?

Nona & Papa

September 2013

One thought on “Solbit Takes a Shower Where?!

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