Solbit, Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Dear Nicalai (short for Nick, Camden, Luke, and Ainsley),

Walking through the East Garden of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Nona asked, “Where’s Solbit? I want to take a picture of her in this beautiful garden.”


Papa, checked his pockets. “I can’t find her,” he replied. Solbit was gone!  “Oh, no,” Nona said, “We’ve only been in Japan a few days, Papa, did you lose Solbit already? ”  Papa tried to defend himself, although he thought maybe he had lost her, “Me? I didn’t lose her.  She’s just gone.”  Nona said, “I told you to keep your pocket zipped up or you would lose her.” Nona was already thinking: how could we replace Solbit now?

Then, we heard Solbit giggle, so we knew we had not lost her, and we were relieved. We looked around us, but, still, we couldn’t see her.


Then Solbit yelled, “Hey! I’m right here. Don’t you see me?” She was playing hide and seek with us, and she had found the perfect place to hide. She had found something the same color of her skin, orange, and she had blended into the scene. Do you see her?  There she is …


For a Plastic Jurassic, what Solbit did was quite something.  Her hide and seek trick showed us four things about her.

One, that she thought to play hide and seek showed us that she is playful.  Two, that she disappeared from view by blending in with the orange fungus in front of us showed us her intelligence.  Three, that she giggled when we didn’t see her and couldn’t find her showed us that she had a good sense of humor.  Four, that she didn’t leave us, didn’t run away, and did let us find her showed us her good judgment.  That’s important:  you never run away from your parents, and you always stay where your parents can see you.

So, Solbit’s hide and seek game with us showed us four things about her that we didn’t know before. Solbit is playful, intelligent, has a good sense of humor, and exercises good judgment.  You know what, we think she’s a lot like you.


Nona & Papa

September 2013

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