Solbit Visits Ancient Imperial Palace

Dear Ainsley, Luke, Camden, and Nick,

We’re in Japan!  Solbit Orangie Lulu Breakit had a great day yesterday. She went on a 4 hour walk with us in Tokyo. In this picture she’s looking at the front lawn of the ancient Imperial Palace, only its stone foundation remains. Can you find Solbit in the picture?


She said, “I wish Ainsley, Luke, Camden, and Nick could see this!”  Then she asked me to help her climb up on the roof of a big gate or tori.


She wanted up on the roof to get a good view, but it was too high, and she was frightened.  She said, “No, no, put me down, please!”  So, Papa put her down, and we took her around to see more of the ancient palace grounds.


That’s Nona walking through another part of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace.  Isn’t it pretty here?  We wish you were here too.


Nona & Papa

September 2013

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