Solbit: How I Got to Travel


Hi, thank you for stopping by my blog.  I like to have visitors. My name is Sparkle Orangie Lulu BreakIt, but you can call me Solbit, for short. First, you should know that I’m not really a person.  No, I’m a dinosaur.

I have a sparkly personality and a long tail. My skin is scaly and mostly orange. My four legs are different, the back two are pretty big and the front two are really short.  My head is tiny, and I have to be careful not to break it.  So, I can understand how I got three of my names, but Lulu?  Where’d that come from?

Second, I have to admit that I’m not a real dinosaur.  No, I’m a pretend dinosaur — made of plastic.  I’m really, really small, too.  Look at your thumb; I’m probably smaller.

Third, before you write me off and leave my blog, you might want to know something else about me:  I travel, a lot.  Right now, I’m on an around the world trip with two old people.  One is Nona, and the other is Papa.  I often overhear Nona and Papa talking to each other and to other people, and I’ve figured out who they are and some of what they’re doing.  Nona is the one who does all the work of making arrangements and plans things.  I’m still not sure what Papa does, other than tag along.

Here’s what I’ve heard.  Nona and Papa have been married a long time, more than 40 years! They both retired from jobs in America; they worked in Washington, DC.  They sought a new adventure.  They decided on a 14 month trip around the world.  Before they left Los Angeles for Tokyo, they ordered something from Photojojo.  Photojojo sent them whatever that was, and, along with the receipt, they found me in the package!  I guess Photojojo had too many dinosaurs like me and shipped me out for free.

At first, I felt bad that Photojojo didn’t want me, but, then, these two old people who I didn’t even know treated me really nicely.  They even — can you believe this? — talked to me.  Hey, I’m an inanimate object that’s made to look like an extinct Jurassic creature, and, yet, they spoke to me.  As if I were a somebody!

Nona and Papa asked whether I would want to go on a long trip around the world with them. Let’s face it, I didn’t have anything better to do, so I said yes. I haven’t regretted it. Look at me, I’m talking? First, they talk to me, and I talk back, and, then, the next thing you know, I’m writing my own travel blog. Now, I need readers.

So, I hope you visit me occasionally or, better yet, click follow, to see where I’ve been and what we’re doing on this trip around the world.  You’ll be surprised what happens.  I know because I’ve been surprised myself. Who knew a plastic dinosaur could travel, tell stories, and write a blog?  By the way, I’m still undecided whether to write in first person or as a third person omniscient narrator. (Where do I get these words? Somebody’s putting words in my mouth.)  So don’t be put off by my different styles.  OK?

Wish you were here,

Sparkle Orangie Lulu BreakIt (but you can call me Solbit, for short)

P.S.  I’m posting my ABOUT page, because often readers just read the posts and not that page, and I did want you to find out how I got to go on this around the world trip.

September 2013

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