Solbit: How I Got My Name

Hi, my name is Sparkle Orangie Lulu BreakIt, but you can call me Solbit for short.

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Do you think that my name is unusual, maybe strange? Probably. So, you may be interested to know how I got my name. I’ll tell you now.

I was given my names by four grandchildren of my traveling companions, Nona and Papa (they think I’m their traveling companion, but, really, it’s the other way around). Ainsley, 7, Luke, 6, Camden, 5, and Nick, 4. I’ve never met them, but, trust me, they are cute and smart. I can tell from their pictures that they are cute. Nona and Papa show me new pictures of them all the time. I’m tempted to say, “Enough, I know what those kids look like already!” but I don’t because I know it would hurt their feelings. So, all those pictures is how I know they’re cute.

How do I know they are smart? Because they named me, and my names fit me perfectly. Let me explain, please. When Nona and Papa found me in the Photojojo package, they decided that I should have a name. They thought that their grandkids could each pick a name for me, and then I would have four names, one from each grandkid. Usually, people in the US have only three names, but, let’s face it, I’m not “people,” and I’m from the Jurassic era, long before the US existed.

Now, each of the grandkids picked a perfect name for me, showing how smart they are. Here’s what they did:

Ainsley, first named me Duke I would have been Dolbit!). I think she really likes the name Duke. However, after she got to know me better, Ainsley scolded Papa. She said, “Papa, Duke is a girl! You’ve been calling her ‘he.’ Really, people, get it right!”

So, Papa apologized to me, and I accepted his apology. I mean, how would he know whether I was a boy or a girl. It’s not easy to tell on a Plastic Jurassic, but Ainsley could tell. Then, Ainsely said, “I want to change her name to Sparkle.” (I think she realized that I have a sparkling personality.) So, that’s how I got my first name. Doesn’t that show that Ainsley is smart and perceptive? Maybe she will grow up to be an author of great novels.

Luke, took one look at me and knew immediately what name he’d give me. Look at me. I’m orange. Well, I’m mostly orange, except for the reddish pink top of my head (which I like; don’t you?). So, Luke named me Orangie. He saw the fact and named it. I think Luke could become a great scientist one day, although he’s really into hockey, too.

Nick, the youngest grandkid, showed how resourceful he is by naming me Lulu. He wants to name his dog Lulu, but he doesn’t have a dog. So, he felt, “Why wait ‘til Mom & Dad give in to our pleas for a dog?” He gave his would-be-pet’s name to me! I think that means that he really likes me, don’t you? Clearly, Nick is a problem solver, and I think he might become a mathematician or maybe a peace maker. On the other hand, Nona and Papa say he’s “… Like a self-propelled bowling ball.”

Camden, named me BreakIt. You might think that he named me after the on-line game, but you’d be wrong. Camden loves to break dance. Have you tried it? I haven’t, yet, but I’m pretty sure that Camden named me BreakIt in hopes that I’ll develop some break dancing skills. He’s so open minded. Most people would just write me off as a dinosaur. I would write off myself from dancing. Not Camden. He raises my expectations that I could learn to dance, and, now, I might try it. I think that Camden might become a great teacher one day, one who opens minds.

I know it’s trite, but I saw a t-shirt the other day which said, “The mind is like a parachute; it works best when open.”

Well, that’s how I got my long name Sparkle Orangie Lulu Breakit. Remember, you can call me Solbit, for short. If you want to know more about me, you can go to my About page.

September 2013

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